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Vietnam and Japan Living? This Property in Vietnam Offers Both

Do you love Japanese culture? Or do you want to experience Japanese living while in Vietnam? Well, Ascent Lakeside Apartments…

October 04, 2018 Vietnam

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Eco Green Saigon, Best Investment and Green Living Experience at Ho Chi Minh!

A Vietnam Property that Ensures Healthy Living Spaces Feel the wind and enjoy a fresh view atop Eco Green Saigon.…

September 20, 2018 Vietnam

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Vietnam Emerging as an Advantageous Property Investment

Vietnam is one of the most favourable countries to launch your new business or to invest in a property. What's…

September 06, 2018 Vietnam

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Resort living in Ho Chi Minh at Vietnam property Estella Heights

Ho Chi Minh is a historically significant city in Vietnam. Some people still confuse it as the country’s capital city,…

September 08, 2017 Vietnam

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Today’s a good day to invest in Vietnam property

In 2015, the Vietnam government finally relaxed its laws and welcomed foreign investors. Here’s why you should consider getting a…

September 07, 2017 Vietnam

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Empire City: The Vietnam property that has everything you need

Vietnam’s economy has been steadily rising since 2013. Foreign investments are pouring in as the country begins to be recognized…

September 07, 2017 Vietnam

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Read This Before You Buy A Vietnam Real Estate Investment

Before looking at Vietnam real estate, let’s see what this beautiful country has to offer. As of 2015, Vietnam had…

August 08, 2017 Vietnam

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Vietnam Property Economy Steadily Rises to Success

Southeast Asia has a growing economy that investors have kept their eyes out for. Its eleven beautiful countries are all…

June 01, 2017 Vietnam

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Overseas Property Spotlight: Vista Verde

CapitaLand, one of Asia’s leading property developers is now developing an exciting new residential property called Vista Verde.  Boasting state…

November 03, 2016 Vietnam

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Vietnam’s Property Market Reaches Peak

The Vietnam property market has become one of the hottest investment hotspots in Asia today because of high interest from…

October 14, 2016 Vietnam

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