Where can you find good class bungalows in Singapore?

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Where can you find good class bungalows in Singapore?

February 06, 2017 Singapore 0 comments

Known to be the most expensive type of landed property in the housing market, good class bungalows in Singapore or GCB are some of the most sought-after Singapore properties. It is especially desired by the country’s exceptionally wealthy individuals.

Due to its exclusivity, there are only about 2,500 Singapore GCBs in around 39 locations of Singapore. Keep reading as we share with you where good class bungalows in Singapore are tucked away!

Nassim Area

Nassim Road is one of Singapore’s most sought-after residential areas. Among the exclusive locations of good class bungalows, Nassim Area holds the priciest Singapore bungalows, which are owned by high-net individuals. Foreign embassies such as the Embassy of Japan, Philippine Embassy and the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia are also located in the area.

Chatsworth Area

 Rochalie, Chatsworth, Bishopsgate, Swettenham Road as well as Pierce Road are some of the zones covered by Chatsworth Area where some good class bungalows Singapore are situated.

Some of the exclusive locations of good class bungalows in Singapore are District 10’s Belmont Park, Cluny Park, Holland Park, Ridley Park and White House Park. One can also find good class bungalow Singapore in District 11 in the following locations: Bukit Tunggal, Chee Hoon Avenue, Raffles Park and Swiss Club Road. Windsor Park in District 20, District 21’s Binjai Park, Kilbun Estate and King Albert Park, District 23’s Chestnut Avenue are also GCB hotspots.

Locations of good class bungalows in Singapore | Singapore Property | Yazhou PropertyOne of the facilities of Gallop Green | Photo Courtesy: Gallop Green

Gallop Green is a Singapore real estate development which offers townhouses and properties similar to good class bungalows. Located at Woollerton Park, a prime land for the upper-class property owners, Gallop Green awaits investors looking to find overseas property that offers more exclusivity and space which are perfect as an overseas property investment.

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